Mercado de Capitales en Chile

*Report developed in february 2021

I. About Chile: Context

Capítulo I: “Chapter I of this document first reviews the economic and institutional development of Chile during the last 50 years, seeking to explain the current characteristics of our institutions and, more specifically, of our capital market. Then, the current context of Chile is addressed, reviewing its performance in various international rankings, with the aim of recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of our country.”
I. About Chile: Context (.pdf)

II. The Chilean Capital Market

Capítulo II: “Chapter II covers the Chilean Capital Market extensively, describing its main agents and its supporting/regulatory entities. In addition, the Chapter shows relevant figures about the main players in the Chilean Capital Market, in addition to figures on some of its markets, specifically the equity, bonds, money, and derivatives market. Finally, the Chapter shows a table with useful resources to deepen the relevant regulation for capital markets.”
II. The Chilean Capital Market (.pdf)

III. Sustainability

Capítulo III: “Chapter III addresses issues related to sustainable business and practices. First, it delves into Chile’s excellent results in an international ranking of the most attractive countries to invest in clean energy, recently done. In addition, it reviews the current and future outlook for Chile in relation to the use of energy from Renewable and Non-Conventional Renewable sources. This Chapter also covers the current size of Chile’s Green Bond Market briefly.”
III. Sustainability (.pdf)

IV. Links and Resources of Interest

Capítulo IV: “Chapter IV offers a table showing interesting links, such as additional links to entities’ sites, statistics databases and links to periodic reports published by relevant institutions. It also includes another table that shows links and descriptions for various useful documents such as papers and articles.”
IV. Links and Resources of Interest (.pdf)